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Portables & Outhouses


Portable toilets are self contained units consisting of gravity fed holding tanks, which are used for the temporary storage of human waste. Portable toilets are often used in place of permanent toilet facilities and/or to supplement existing toilet facilities.  As a result of confined space and nature of the waste material being stored, Portable toilets often have tremendous odor problems.


To combat these odors the liquid waste hauler will typically use a chemical deodorizer and schedule frequent pump-outs to prevent the build-up of waste in the toilet tank.


Most common chemical deodorizers for portable toilets contain two or three primary ingredients: a dark blue dye, fragrance and biocide.


Blue dye is used to hide the unsightly appearance of waste in the toilet tank and fragrance is used to mask the unpleasant smell of the waste. A biocide, such as formaldehyde or a quaternary compound, is used to prevent odor by eliminating all biological activity and bacterial growth from the waste in the tank.


Biocides are often harsh chemicals that can pose a threat to human and environmental safety.  In addition, the use of biocides prevents the natural decomposition of waste and therefore does not deal effectively with cleaning the build up of solids on the inner walls of the holding tank, which can cause ongoing maintenance problems and persistent odors.


Chemical deodorizers are commonly applied to the portable toilet by the liquid waste hauler after each pump-out.  The application generally involves measuring and/or premixing the deodorizer prior to its application to the toilet.


Heavy use of portable toilets and high ambient temperatures can often cause most deodorizers to dissipate rapidly resulting in a complete failure to control odor. As a quick solution to this, liquid waste haulers will often increase the dosage of the deodorizer and/or increase the frequency of the pump out schedule, both of which increase cost and aggravation for the liquid waste hauler.

These problems and more can now be prevented with the introduction of My Green Labs EBT-LP and EBT-SP portable toilet treatment products.


Specifically designed for use in portable toilets, EBT-LP & EBT-SP function as a one-step natural treatment solution for the elimination of odor and breakdown of waste material.  By accelerating the breakdown of waste, EBT-LP & EBT-SP can make pump-outs easier and help prevent problems associated with solids build up on the sides of the tank.


Both EBT-LP & EBT-SP utilize the same micronutrient biotechnology that has made My Green Labs products world-renowned in the field of wastewater treatment. Unlike conventional deodorizers, the effectiveness of My Green Labs EBT-LP & EBT-SP actually increases with any rise in temperature, insuring consistent odour control on hot summer days.


My Green Labs EBT-LP: Liquid Portable Toilet Treatment.  A concentrated liquid formulation containing a dark blue (non-staining) colorant, a powerful fragrance and My Green Labs micronutrients.  Simply add 30ml(1oz). EBT-LP to the toilet after it has been pumped and recharged with water.


My Green Labs EBT-SP: Solid Portable Toilet Treatment.  A concentrated dry formulation packaged with water-soluble packets for fast and convenient applications.  Incorporates the effectiveness of EBT-LP in a soluble toss bag.  Simply toss the packet into the toilet after it has been pumped and recharged with water.


The environmental and human safety factor (both for clients and operators), convenience and effectiveness of My Green Labs EBT-LP & EBT-SP make it a very sensible and impressive addition to portable toilet operations.

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