My Green Labs | Lagoons/Oxidation Ditches
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Lagoons/Oxidation Ditches


My Green Labs EBT2

  • Increased removal efficiencies for BOD, COD, SS & P
  • Ability to meet or exceed wastewater discharge criteria set forth by the MOE
  • Eliminates the immediate need for expansion of the current wastewater
  • Eliminates costly dredging and sludge disposal charges
  • Controls odors, floating solids and pest/fly infestation.
  • Allows for increased population and economic growth opportunities





Canadian Forces Base – Facultative Sewage Lagoon, Edenvale, Canada
“A measurement of the sludge blanket level before and after My Green Labs EBT2 application to the facultative sewage lagoon presented staggering results, an overall sludge volume reduction of 82.9%.”
“My Green Labs EBT2 addition also yielded astonishing removal efficiencies for BOD, Suspended Solids, and Nitrogen along with the elimination of any foul odour discharge.”


Bayview-Wildwood Resort Sewage Lagoon, Port Stanton, Canada
“Remarkable decreases in the overall BOD and Suspended Solids removal efficiencies were observed with the addition of My Green Labs EBT2 to the facultative sewage lagoon. The results were so dramatic even visual observation undeniably demonstrated the effectiveness of My Green Labs EBT2 with the transformation of the sewage lagoon effluent into a liquid with incredible clarity. My Green Labs EBT2 was also very effective in the elimination of any offensive odours.”


District Municipality of Muskoka, Septage Sludge Lagoons, Muskoka, Canada
“My Green Labs EBT2 addition decreased the sludge level in the lagoon which would delay the requirement for the disposal of its contents.  This would result in lower operating costs.  The use of My Green Labs EBT2 also reduced the odour liberated from the septic lagoon to an almost unperceivable level.”


Town of Strathroy Sewage Lagoons, Strathroy, Canada
“My Green Labs EBT2 was very effective in the reduction of odours at a biologically dead aerated lagoon system. Even at very low dosages, the odour was reduced significantly along with a remarkable increase in biological activity over a very short period of time. This concentration was also found to significantly decrease the suspended solids in the effluent over a very short period of time.”

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