My Green Labs | Holding Tanks
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Holding Tanks


My Green Labs EBT-PH is the only all natural treatment for pit-toilets vaults and holding tanks that uses proven micronutrient biotechnology to eliminate odour and breakdown waste, helping to improve treatment conditions and extend the life of the system.


  • EBT-PH uses cutting edge biotechnology to naturally accelerate the digestion of organic waste through non-odorous facultative decomposition processes.
  • EBT-PH is supplied as a liquid concentrate and contains no bacteria, enzymes or chemicals.
  • EBT-PH significantly reduces flies, mosquitoes and insects from area of toilets.
  • EBT-PH is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for both the operator and the environment. Approved by the Government of Canada’s EcoLogo Program which is recognized world wide as an environmental safety standard.


How does it work?


Like all My Green Labs products, EBT-PH uses proven natural micronutrient biotechnology to biologically eliminate the production of odour and prevent it from returning while also accelerating the breakdown of waste.


The My Green Labs EBT-PH Advantage


  • Endurance: EBT-PH is long lasting and will not lose strength over time, with hot weather, or with heavy use.
  • Performance: EBT-PH controls odours, liquefies solids, prevents corrosion, and accelerates waste and grease digestion.
  • Environmental: EBT-PH treated wastewater may safely be discharged to dumping stations, septic and municipal treatment facilities.  Safe for humans, animals, marine and plant life.  No gloves or goggles required during application


Application Instructions


Before using My Green Labs EBT-PH for the first time, pump out & Rinse the tank thoroughly to remove residual chemicals. Calculate the amount of EBT-PH required using the application chart. For best results; mix EBT-PH with water before using at 20:1. Repeat once every week during the operating season and/or immediately following a pump-out. Optional: Double the dosage for the first application after each pump-out, or at the beginning of the season.


Features & Benefits

  • All natural ingredients
  • Long lasting odour control
  • Accelerates the breakdown of waste
  • Unaffected by hot weather or heavy use
  • Environmentally friendly, EcoLogo Certified
  • Recommended by Campgreen Canada
  • Absolutely NO chemicals, bacteria or formaldehyde


Testing & Certifications

  • Certified by Environment Canada, ECOLOGO program.
  • Recommended by Camp Green Canada.
  • Research and testing performed at the Canadian National Research Council (CNRC) verifies the performance of My Green Labs products.
  • Testing (for European Community) at the University of Hamburg, Germany, shows BIOLOGIC to by 11 times safer than its nearest competitor.
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