My Green Labs | Grease Traps
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Grease Traps


Grease traps and holding tanks are designed to capture oil and grease from the wastewater coming from a restaurant or food serving establishment. They range in sizes up to about 5000 gallons or more, depending on the size of the restaurant.


The Grease Trap needs to be kept with low grease deposits, to avoid clogging the sewer system and/or blocking the drain line. To keep the system in proper working conditions the drain line needs to be periodically “snaked” and the Grease Trap pumped out. To avoid these frequent and costly operations (snaking and pumping out), the system must be biologically treated. My Green Labs provides a product known as My Green Labs EBT-GT that will increase the digestion of grease and the sludge, keeping the trap clean and free of odour with minimal or no pump-outs required.

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