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Compost Facilities


Perhaps one of the main concerns in operating any composting facility is controlling odours. Although good management of the composting site is essential to ensure effective odor prevention, most facilities have difficulties in consistently meeting these standards. Upsets often occur on a seasonal basis, during summer heat or seasonal peaks of incoming materials.


Potential sources of odors include:

  • The nature of the feedstocks
  • The composting process itself, including turning of compost piles
  • Maturing piles
  • Run-off and leachate collection areas
  • Collection equipment and containers


My Green Labs EBT1 is a catalyst that helps eliminate and prevent anaerobic conditions working at the source of the problem. The components of the product stimulate the growth and predominance of desirable microorganisms called facultative anaerobes that do not produce odour. In either aerobic or anaerobic conditions, facultative anaerobes biodegrade organic material rapidly without producing odours.


When My Green Labs EBT1 is introduced to the organic matter, the elimination of odours is almost immediate and increased decomposition rates are noticed. By speeding up the composting process, the efficiency of any operation can be significantly increased. My Green Labs EBT1 products are:


  • Easy and safe to use and require no capital costs;
  • Used during the initial processing stage to help reduce the frequency of compost pile turnovers, thus reducing operation costs;
  • Accelerators of the decomposition process leading to increased operation efficiency.


My Green Labs EBT1 is available in a liquid concentrate form. Depending on the application method and the nature of the organic matter, it can be diluted in water at ratios of up to 1:1,000. There are two methods of application: it can be used during the initial processing stage of the compost material to control the most offensive odours and enhance the decomposition process or, for topical application on compost piles to address the odours associated with flare-ups or during turn-overs.


Single Application Method


My Green Labs EBT1 can be used in all composting methods whether in-vessel or exterior windows. When applying the appropriate single dosage during the initial processing stage of the compost material, odour control will be achieved for the duration of the composting cycle along with an increased rate of decomposition.


The recommended average dosage is 50 ml of product per cubic meter of compost. The product must be diluted with water at a rate of up to 1:500 and thoroughly mixed into the compost material. Dosage and dilution rates vary according to organic composition, moisture content and weather conditions.


Topical Application Method


My Green Labs EBT1 is applied to the surface of the compost pile to treat odour flare-ups as they occur or when the pile is turned. The product must be diluted with water at a rate of up to 1:500. This solution is then sprayed on the surface of the compost pile until the first few centimeters are soaked. This procedure will generate a natural biofiltration effect that will prevent odours from being emitted. The frequency and quantity of this dosage will vary depending on conditions such as the organic composition, weather conditions along with the temperature and moisture content of the compost piles.

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