My Green Labs | Hog Farming
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Hog Farming


My Green Labs EBT2 Creates a Healthier Hog Farming Environment


Manure in a hog confinement area contains high levels of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas.  While the odour is certainly uncomfortable for humans, a high level of gas makes young hogs irritable, reduces their feed conversion rate and makes them more susceptible to viral infections, like pneumonia.


With the application of My Green Labs EBT2 in confinement areas, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases are reduced to safe levels.  Controlling these gases is critical, especially in nursery houses where younger pigs are contained.


High gas levels can also cause serious ill effects on a person’s health.  Many people may not notice the high content of gases in water or in air because in time they become accustomed to it.


Up until now, this has been a serious problem because the solution was to cover up the foul odours with masking agents.


My Green Labs EBT2 is effective in eliminating the harmful odours and does this by actually reducing the odour at the source rather than masking it.

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