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Food and Beverage


The food and beverage industry uses large volumes of water as it is a convenient, clean, and a relatively inexpensive resource, both as a component of many products, and as a solvent for conducting cleanups and other production needs. Wastewater treatment is an area of high importance within food processing operations. BOD, COD and other impurities are all highly relevant to a plant’s discharge permit, and effluent must be of primary focus. Many processors recover oils and solids from their waste treatment operations as a revenue source in the animal feed market. Optimizing the recovery of oils and solids is a profit issue. Whether a distillery, dairy application or any other food and beverage need, My Green Labs can provide the solution to your wastewater needs. My Green Labs products will improve wastewater treatment processes, reduce cost, and minimize environmental impacts caused by the food and beverage industry.


Slaughterhouse Ponds

For hygienic reasons abattoirs use large amounts of water in animal processing operations. This produces large amounts of wastewater that must be treated. Effective primary treatment involving My Green Labs products will breakdown fats, oils, and greases (FOG) before secondary treatment and will increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of wastewater treatment systems as it is cheaper to treat the fat and solids in primary treatment facilities than to treat the FOG later in secondary and tertiary treatment facilities.

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